Being 'Young' at heart

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People must be wondering why I feel so 'young' at heart. Everyday, I am being surrounded by young people and make new friends, also with younger people. I never always had the chance to meet the 'older generation' except if I go back to my kampongs, either Johor (mine) or Kelantan (hubby's). I'm the 2nd oldest in my office..luckily they called me 'KAK' not 'MAK' otherwise I will feel old before I am really 'old' but I don't mind they called me 'IBU' as I feel honoured by that name.

Actually, I enjoyed making friends with the young generations. I love. to learn new things from them (they are supposed to learn from me, as a very senior and experienced person) but to be old doesn't mean you know everything. And it is interesting to 'venture' into the young world. Especially on certain things that I never had and experienced before. Young people nowadays, I should say, are very smart, dynamic, ambitious, adventurous blah..blah...blah...and they are quite lucky too. I did not possess those characters when I was young...and I missed so many opportunities. I want to make sure my children will not repeat my mistakes... lack of confidence. They must be brave enough to face the world which is full of challenges but very rewarding.

I was a victim of circumstances and was not given the chance to pursue my education to the highest level. My priority at that time was MARRIAGE not EDUCATION. But for my children, EDUCATION should come first. I want to make sure that all of them complete their education at the highest level first before they think of marriage. But, is that possible? Still 'Jodoh ditangan Tuhan'. However, that would be my greatest achievement in life (to see them successful in their life) besides seeking for Allah's blessings, mercy and forgiveness.

To my children, 'mak' will always be there for happiness and sadness


fathiyyah said...

tuan-tuan dan puan-puan..mesej yang ingin disampaikan oleh emak sy ini ialah :JANGAN KAWEN AWAL!
waah,terer la mak menulis..kalah thia

cikgu jawe said...

slmt dtg ke dunia blog errr.... mak! :) hihi

setuju dgn auntie. belajar lbh penting. kejar ilmu sblm ilmu tingggalkan kita.

so fathiyyah, ko jgn le nk gedik2 aje yeee.. =) study betul2 dn capai dulu impian. hehe

abes le ko fathiyyah. cara penulisan mak ko dasat woooo..

kylex said...

Hehe..setuju2..Ilmu adalah segalanya, kene ada ilmu baru boleh kawen =p..

Mmg dasat ayt2 auntie, mmg byk pngalaman ni..Kami nak lagi,hehe..

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam auntie. welcome to the blogging world. i was stunned reading ur message in this entry. i cant say more, u're a good writer, who tells what u feel inside from a mother's view =) and the point is so correct. sy setuju sgt2 =)

thia, jgn ngada2 nak kawin awal2 sgt ye. hihik.

btw auntie, im sarah. thia's super senior & friend =)

amiza malik said...

miahaha..bangga gile fatty mak die stat belog
keep it up..tensen2 stadi ley baca..

n btw the message is taken sooo seriously by me

salam perkenalana auntie!!

p/s:fatty,tipis harapan ko..

nannychomel said...

To Cikgu Jawe

Biasenye anak-anak lebih dengar cakap cikgu dr cakap ibu...rajin2 la nasihat thia k

Anyway, thnks for visiting my blog.

ummu ijlal said...

lorr, can a thumbprint of a panda represents someone sweet like you...totally disagree...better change to something sweet and nice like red rose...thia!tukar cepat thumprint panda tu...tak sesuai utk mak la! hoho

nannychomel said...

To ummu ijlal

Cute ape panda nie...walaupun montel tp dia calm, cool, slow n steady...

To Sarah

Wksalam. Thnx 4 visiting. Used to write in my younger days but I've lost the writing skills....wl try to brush up. Nice knowing u dear.

To Kyle

Insha'Allah, more write up to come tp tengok mood jugak la... kalau ada masa terluang bole la update.

To Amiza

Best jugak ek dunia blog nie...mendekatkan kpd yg jauh..yg xpernah kenal macam dah kenal lame...anyway, thnx 4 visiting.
Nice knowing you.

cairo boy said...


huhu,mybe i was da 1st man whose comment in ur blog..hurm,nice entry..msg sungguh jelas...kJANGAN KAWEN AWAL...fathy,take note...blajo dlu..huahuahuahua...

salam perkenalan auntie... :P

keep it up,leh aa jd counsellor batch kitorg...kan fathy kan??hehehe...

nannychomel said...

To Cairo Boy

Bole jer nak jd xqualified la...

Thnx 4 visiting.